After a long day of work, mark enters the elevator of his building. He punches the number of his floor and attempts to breath as little as possible while riding up with the unmistakable smell of human urine. He looks to the floor and is not quite sure what the piles of brownish-grayish substance was spread all over the elevator. He tries not to move. No doubt it was the rest stop for a bum. The walls are covered in graffiti. Each name at war with the other among crazy zig-zagging letters, much like the people of this city (this is a rough draft. Havent decided what to call the city yet)

He reaches his floor and it comes as no surprise that the cracked walls of his thirteenth floor are covered in shadows. A group of punk teenagers and hooligans must have broken them again. Typical. It was most likely done in order to conceal a mugging. Or worse. Maybe they just did it to plain ol’ mess with the superintendent of the building.

The sounds of muffled yelling  and crying from the adjacent apartments welcome him home. He thinks to himself, “what could that poor woman have done to deserve what was probably another brutal beating?”

Mark takes solace that at least he hears her crying. It is the silence that would scare him most of all.

He fumbles in his pant pockets and finds his keys. Lucky for him today, the door was not busted in. “One point for the good guys”, he mutters to himself.

Home, sweet home. Where the wall papers are creeping off the walls, where his only company are the roaches, where the flickering fluorescent light bulb sheds light on his one sofa bed and 10 inch television set. Also, it reminds him he needs to buy another light bulb. More problems.

He moves towards his soda and turns on the television to the news channel. A very young and very attractive reporter comes on. She says, “Police are still on the lookout for Charlie Bates, a man guilty of kidnapping, raping and brutally murdering three children several days ago. Police have lost custody of the assailant and have no leads to his current whereabouts. Any and all tips would be appreciated-”.

Mark turns off the television.


I had a little trouble uploading this yesterday night. But I wont get into that right now. However, I was trying to just set up a bit of a scene here for the readers. I want them to know that mark lives in probably the shittiest of cities in the world. I have a cool twist later on for you guys (at least I think its cool). Tell me what you think so far. I have more but I do not want to post it up just yet until i fix this section of the story.

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  1.   margarita on November 9th, 2011

    I like it so far, makes wanna know more about mark. I bet he’s charlie bates, that’d be a sick twist.

  2.   margarita on November 9th, 2011


  3.   Richard on November 9th, 2011

    I think the ending will be a bit more surprising than that. But I wont say anything. Wouldn’t wanna give anything away.

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