October, 2011

Fingerbone Valley

deep within fingerbone valley,
somewhere between the snow capped mountains
in the steepest hills
and in the coldest region,
tulips grow.
through snow and frost
these flowers grow
only to be seen by a lucky few
for those tulips will whither away shortly,
for the cold is unforgiving
like the snow is sure to fall on Fingerbone Valley
these tulips will soon grow again
to be seen again by those lucky few.
The few courageous enough to find them.

In the Plains of Venezuela

On some dark and lonesome road,

While walking home, I saw a faint light off in the distance.

I walked closer and saw a man with a heavy load

And I offered him assistance.

He was dressed all in black,

Save for the coat on his back

Which was brown.

He turned and said nothing.

While he dragged a shovel

With his hand wearing a wedding ring.

I asked if it would be no trouble to tell me why he was out here digging.

He said, “Here lies everything I loved about Maria…

With her included.

Had she not erred like she did, my sweet Maria,

Perhaps her life may not have been concluded”.

Frightened, I turned around with a chill

To that dark and lonesome road.

I looked over my shoulder again, against my will

To see the disappearance of the load.

The man was also gone,

Like a dream Foregone.


A Walk In the Park

We walk silently to the park

Side by side

Your pace matching my own

I take solace in the muted Journey

It gives me time to think

A lot can be said without any words


We arrive at the park

I pick a comfortable spot under a tree

Your loyalty knowing no bounds,

You sit next to me. Faithfully.

I run my fingers through your soft hair


No words can explain our mutual dependence

But the happiness blazing through your sapphire eyes

Say more than any human phrase.


You lick my face

“I love you too, Sonny boy”.

Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar

Around us it’s all unfair. Black and white.

And everyone’s against the things we do

They fuss and cry by saying it’s not right

I feel bad for those who don’t have a clue

It’s a bit tougher but I just don’t care

I take it all in and I don’t complain

They can’t take you away. No one would dare.

Their words mean nothing, only said in vain

I’ll fight back all the words, I can’t be kept

They can’t tell us that you and I can’t be

If they do then there’s nothing for me left

You’re all I need and all I want to see

No matter Brown Sugar, you’ll have my heart

Your skin and mine?…’can barely tell apart.

I struggled at first…a lot. Im pretty happy with the end result. I really wanted to steer clear of the whole love poem thing, but its midnight and i can barely think straight. This stuff just comes easier then others.

My New Found Hero

When is the normal age to look up to someone and decide that they are going to be your new role model or your new hero? Honestly, I don’t know, but that is besides the point. What IS the point is that I have discovered who my true hero is. And honestly, if I could be everything he is…was, with the exception of being dead, it would be quiet thrilling. He was, in my opinion, the most sculpted and refined human body the world has ever seen. Through years of hard work and constant training, he became a household name that will never be forgotten.No matter how much time passes, his legend still goes on.

The person I am referring to is none other than the legendary Bruce Lee. He was a man who was not born ahead of his time but rather made use of it like most others didn’t. He was a normal person, with the exception that he had one tremendous gift. That gift, however,  was not an innate sense of… martial arts. What made him special though, what made him stand out to me out of every one else who has ever lived and probably will live (I really can’t say this for sure), is that he had this overwhelming determination to perfect every thing he did.Every little thing.

Now, before we go ahead and assume that I want to be just like Bruce Lee, a martial artist admired word wide with the reflexes of a cat and the strength of roughly forty men (I exaggerate), I don’t. I simply would like to have the ability to envision things like he did, to set goals for myself like he did and with great effort and determination achieve all I ever want to achieve.

After reading much about Bruce Lee, it became abundantly clear that every moment of his life was dedicated to perfecting his art. He was a master of multitasking, which was great because it allowed hm to live a normal life, while at the same time remain training. In The Art of Expressing the Human Body, by John Little, it was mentioned that when a few friends of Bruce walked in on him while he was at home he was bouncing his son Brandon on his stomach, while doing V-ups, watching television and reading  book. How he managed to do that, I will never know. It was also said that while he was working at his office, while reading, he would be doing Zottoman Curls with a pair of dumbells he kept at work.

Like I said above, I am not looking to be worlds greatest fighter to have ever lived, I am just looking to be as determined, as tenacious, as tunnel sighted as he was. Although tunnel sighted sounds kind of bad, what I really mean is focused. A great deal of effort goes into my doing of daily tasks because I tend to go off on tangents and procrastinate. The best thing for me would be a bit of focus.

I will try, for as long as I can, to imitate Bruce Lee. I hope that in doing so, I will master what ever form of art, be it martial or not.

I sort of wish that he was still around and we could meet, so he could slap some sense into me.

R.I.P Bruce Lee.

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